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European distribution and supply chain logistics
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European distribution and supply chain logistics

European distribution and supply chain logistics

Since the foundation of the European Community in 1992 business has become more global. Although global logistics is the reality of many multinational companies, for medium sized organisations `global` usually means doing business outside their home country, but inside their own continent.
European distribution and supply chain logistics focuses on logistics in the European region. What has to be changed to transfer a company from national distribution to logistics on a European scale? A broad vision on supply chain mana­gement is necessary to implement European distribution successfully.
This book consists of three clusters with 18 chapters.
It discusses proven concepts and do`s & don`ts for European distribution as well as for supply chain logistics. The three clusters are: Distribution and supply chain management, Fundamentals of European distribution logistics, Demand and supply chain management.
Each chapter starts with an awareness case and ends with 15 questions for discussion, a real life case and 5 reflecting questions. Based on this formula the book is well-suited for students and practitioners in the area of logistics and supply chain management.
The authors of this book are market leaders in education and consultancy in distribution logistics and demand-driven supply chain management in The Netherlands.
Prof. dr. A.R. van Goor
Prof. jhr. drs. M.J. Ploos van Amstel
Dr. W. Ploos van Amstel

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