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Logistics Principles and Practice
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Logistics Principles and Practice

Logistics Principles and Practice

Logistics; principles & practice is a standard work giving a full
introduction to logistics. The topics discussed include 
production and distribution logistics as well as purchasing 
logistics and reverse logistics. 
The book is very practical, the theory is explained and then illustrated with examples from industry, trade and the services sector. The relationship between logistics and marketing, customer service, quality and product design is also explained. Managing logistics processes is much morthan managing the flow of goods. Besides managing the flow of physical 
products, the control process can also be applied to 
administrative processes such as banks and insurance 
companies and is also relevant in hospitals and government departments. And not to forget that it covers flows of information and money too. In fact, the total management of organizations is discussed.
The book can be used for analysis purposes as well as for 
implementing improvement projects.
In practice there is a need for logistics improvement processes. 
Products must be supplied faster, better and cheaper, and 
processes must be more controlled. We can do all this much better by applying logistics where the relationship between companies and organizations plays an ever increasingly 
important role. 
Realizing that the chain is only as strong as its weakest link, 
it is clear that considerable gains can be made by implementing supply chain management.
Logistics; principles & practice is more than just a text book. 
Because of its unique didactic concept this book can be used 
individually as well as in class. 
This book is already used by many for practical assignments in
project-oriented education. At the same time it forms an 
excellent text book for internships and final exams.
Hessel Visser (Ir. H.M. Visser CPIM)
Ad van Goor (Prof. dr. A.R. van Goor)

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